About Us


Lynx Ensemble uses theatre to explore the nature of identity, to explode stereotyping in performance and in life, and to empower artists and audiences to discover and become their fullest, freest, most empathetic selves.

Lynx strives to create an environment in which artists can concentrate on expanding their own possibilities, opening their eyes wide to discover their surprising abilities, and, in rebellion against the limitations of the business, reveal their invigorating eccentricities, weaknesses, imperfections, and authentic richness. Lynxs artists are encouraged to discover new talents and new possibilities within themselves—an experience they could only have in an environment where they feel free to fail first and then fly.

Lynx seeks to serve audiences who are not used to seeing their stories told onstage We challenge our audiences to look at themselves beyond their own type, to recognize themselves in characters who at first seem very different, and rouses them to take creative, transformative action in the world.


Our current programming consists of curating both live and web-based events that are aligned with our mission to promote empathy.  

Historically our programming included:

Main Stage Productions: fully staged, Off-Off Broadway productions utilizing well known New York City theater venues. Previous venues have included The Cherry Lane Theatre, The CultureProject, and American Theater of Actors. Professional actors are cast using color-blind, non-traditional, and “against-type” casting methods.

Chain Lynx Text: an ongoing series of new play readings, often presented to the public in un-conventional theater venues. These readings provide Lynx the opportunity to reach audiences in a variety of settings; which have included churches, pubs, and community centers.

Talkback Series: held in tandem with our current production or new play reading.  These post-show discussions give our audiences a chance to respond to the play, and to engage in a dialogue with each other, the playwright, actors, director, as well as guest panelist speakers. Our theater is not limited to a self-selecting in-crowd. It is crucial to Lynx Ensemble that we identify and engage audiences of non-typical theatergoers and people whose experiences will add rich insight and perspective to pre-and post-performance dialogues.

When producing a new play, we used the Lynx Workshop Process, which involves working closely with a playwright and a team of artists, in order to nurture the work to its greatest potential.

Occasionally Lynx has produced works outside of NYC. This allows our artists the opportunity to challenge their artistic identities while performing both new works and popular plays from the canon. Lynx’s out of town productions reframe the theatrical experience for audiences outside of NYC. Previous Lynx out of town works have been seen in the Hudson Valley in New York State, and in Great Barrington Mass.