Power of Sail
by Paul Grellong

Directed by Kathleen Powers

With: Doug Brandt, Connie Lopez, Andy MacDonald, Jason Marr, Ben Steinfeld, Miriam Silverman, & Duncan Rogers

The fresh green lawns of an Ivy League campus turn into a roaring sea of lies, backstabbingand mutiny in this new thriller. A middle aged professor interviews a Nazi sympathizer to save his career. Three ambitious Phd students compete for tenure at all costs. And a famous academic prodigy plots for power.

The Cherry Lane Theater, NYC


An Irish Play

by Dan OBrien

Directed by Kathleen Powers

With: Michael Anderson, Aileen Barry, Doug Brandt, Susan Ferrara,  LeRoy Maclaine, Mark O’Connell, Hal-Smith Reynolds

Set in a pub theater in Cork City Ireland, where a small but vivacious theater troupe begins a first reherasal for an original play.   As they rehearse, the actors confront the humorous
dysfunction of a small company, the need for theater when poeple are desperate to be heard,  and the tension that is caused by the arrival of a new actor – a “Native American”.

Lucky Jack’s Lounge, NYC


Veronika Vavoom Volcanologist
by Olga Humphrey

Directed by Randy White

With: Geneva Carr, Donna Davis, Danny Gigliobianco, David Mason, Rachelle Mendez, Mark O’Connell

Veronika Vavoom, Volcanologist tells the story of a spunky, sexy geologist named Veronika Vivimetzu, whose research often entails rappelling into volcanoes. Upon rescuing a suicidal teen from a huge Columbian volcano, Veronika discovers an unexpected eruption– a scorching need to connect with another person – a desire her isolating profession has stifled. The play includes elements of comic book action adventure and screwball comedy contrasted with an emotionally
powerful quest for contact in a chilly, lonely world.

The CultureProject, NYC


Three Days in the Tomb
by Brian Mullin

Directed by Gil Parkin
With: Susan Ferrara, Lian Marie Holmes, Tim Kang,Michael Shattner, Rufus Tureen,  Christian Young

A re-imagining of the Easter story in the age of terrorism. Three Days challenges each of us to ask the question, “If He were faced with the current crises in our world, what would Jesus REALLY do?”

St. Peter’s Church, NYC